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Advanced Rocketry



 !!! NOTICE !!! Advanced Rocketry 1.12.2-2.0.0 WILL break placed machines and existing configs!!!



Advanced Rocketry is a mod about exploration and exploitation of other worlds and planets:

  • Mine and explore planets and moons within  solar systems and travel to them via your own custom built rockets rockets and warp ships.
  • Build space stations and look down on any planet from above.
  • Build custom rockets where your choices of parts matter.

Other Information:

Documentation and update log: http://arwiki.dmodoomsirius.me/

Requires LibVulpes to run!

Warning: The alpha builds of the mod are unstable, likely to have bugs, and likely to have things changed frequently: you have been warned.


Submitting Bugs:

  • Minecraft version and mod version MUST be included in the report
  • If the game crashes to desktop then a crash report must be included
  • Loaders other than forge are not supported, so if you have something like thermos/MCPC installed, try to replicate the issue with only forge
  • If there are mods other than AR installed, test without those mods before submitting a request unless the other mod is directly related to the issue at hand and AR is suspected to be the cause of the problem.


I've reached a point where I am spending more time just trying to figure out if something was actually an issue than actually solving problems or adding new features.  So I unfortunately have to put this information out there, and regretfully, if the relevant information is not present, the issue will be closed so that issues with the required information available can get fixed in a timely manner.



Current features implemented:

  1. Modular rockets
  2. Planets
  3. Asteroid mining missions
  4. Multiblock machines to create parts.
  5. Supports FE, EU, and GTEU
  6. Satellites (Data Sats.)
  7. Space Stations
  8. Multiple solar systems
  9. XML planet specification ( see http://arwiki.dmodoomsirius.me/AdvancedRocketry/config/AdvancedPlanetConfiguration.php )
  10. Custom recipes via XML
  11. Terraforming


Stance on modpack inclusion:

Feel free to use the mod without express permission!


Have any suggestions? leave me a comment down below!


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Texture packs:

Textures by Proxy_Player: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/advanced-rocketry?page=37#c667