This is a fork of Advanced Rocketry. It is not an addon. Replace the original mod with this version in your modpack.

You can find information about future updates and bugfixes in Discord.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/3fKntbvw8s

This mod requires ARLib

Current features implemented:

  1. Modular rockets
  2. Asteroid mining missions
  3. Satellites (Data Sats. + Terraforming Sats.)
  4. Multiblock machines to create parts.
  5. Supports multiple solar systems
  6. Space Stations
  7. Custom planets
  8. Warp travel
  9. Terraforming
  10. Custom recipes via XML
  11. Supports FE


The Advanced Rocketry modpack with a beginner friendly quest book:


github repos:


current bugfixes:

  • satellites disconnect on server restart fixed
  • biome remote crash fixed
  • warp fuel displays incorrect fixed
  • rocket stuck in orbit 25 secs  (fixed)
  • biome changer energy consumption system fixed
  • asteroid field available as custom Icon: customIcon="asteroid"
  • improved planetary map
  • space elevator fixed
  • void miner fixed (void miner does not actually break blocks on planet)
  • gas mining: gas selection not updating fixed
  • solar panels crash near stars fixed
  • and many more - but i will not list them all because it would be a very long list - look at the github commit history for full logs

Updates / Improvements:

Terraforming update #1:

  • You will use a new block called Terraforming Terminal to program your biome changer satellite to transform the entire planet.
  • You can use multiple terminals / satellites to speed up the process!

New Satellite: Weather Satellite

  • currently can only do some water stuff.
  • may be able to produce humidity data later (there is no use case for it currently)
  • will likely be able to modify planet humidity for biome generation

Sky rendering:

  • Planet rings will now render correctly
  • Star sky reworked: Stars will fade in/out based on atmosphere and daytime
  • reworked sky on low pressure atm planets - it will now gradually change from black to sky color, depending on atmospheric density


Future update plans:

Terraforming update:

  • (the terraformer will be able to place and remove trees including dynamic trees)
  • (the terraformer will be able to actually change the heightmap (if enabled in terminal))
  • weather satellite can change planet humididy to make biomes dry / wet or mixed


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