Advanced Peripherals

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Filename advancedperipherals-0.4a.jar
Uploaded by Sr_endi
Uploaded Mar 18, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5
Size 155.06 KB
Downloads 144,916
MD5 f64f8df4f49a0489644076f33087a860
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Java 10
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Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Fixed NullPointerException when rs bridge tries to craft an item without ingredients.

Added getName() for every of our blocks to get the anvilname(Not working on turtles).
Added getPlayerPos(string) to the Player Detector.
Added a debug mode and changed how we handle the configuration of our blocks.
Added Chatty Turtle.
Added Chunky Turtle.
Added Environment Turtle.
Added Player Turtle.
Added item/block tags to the table of the functions 'listItems()', 'listFluids()', 'listCraftableItems()' and 'listCraftableFluids()' for the Me Bridge and Rs Bridge.

Improved the functions of the Player Detector to increase the performance. You could now use a range over 500 without lags/freezes. 
Min Forge version is 36.0.21
I will update the documentation soon.

: This is an alpha release, this version is not too buggy, but there are still a few features missing for the 0.4 release.

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