Advanced Macros

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Filename advancedmacros-3.11.10.jar
Uploaded by Theincgi
Uploaded Apr 24, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • New run button in editor saves, exits editor then runs script. No key binding needed!
    CTRL + R is a shortcut


  • Creating/renaming a file/folder automatically selects it so you don't have to search for your new file/folder


  • New documentation feature:
    If a function has comments within directly above it (no blank lines) it will create a tool tip using those lines (up to 5 lines)
    To load the tool tip the function must be loaded into the global environment
    [see picture]

Tooltips will load from file if the last tooltip being displayed is not the one it needs.
By running the example and showing another tooltip (like from the log function) you can refresh the other tooltip

In this picture the mouse is hovering over "documentationExample"
If the line numbers change for the function and it is saved, but not re-run the tooltip may not display correctly
Quick example

  • Fixed Script Gui's key events gave the ASCII code for chars instead of the letter
  • Syntax highlighter will no longer attempt to index number keys from tables (wasn't highlighting before, and on very large tables cause lag)