Advanced Macros

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Filename advancedmacros-3.11.9.jar
Uploaded by Theincgi
Uploaded Apr 22, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.22 MB
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MD5 533fdb79d9b4538fb4762268590f3ca7
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


crash when no script set for a binding

midi devices may have a send function if it is supported

midi devices can be aquired with userdata from their description tables

controlerChange event in MIDI is now value not velocity

midi.list() has the class type and userdata object

Random Access Files in FileSystem should work correctly now

Debug: threads are named
when logging tables userdata is now purple


Startup event moved to after the main menu is loaded so toast notifications can be seen


removed console debug info from multiple methods


gui bindings now hide when they scroll off the top of the screen


filesystem modes that write to file will now automaticly create any parent directories needed


tweak to resource lookup for the require function (catches an exception)

Added String pack/unpack/packsize methods similar to 5.3 *currently limited functionalty


following things work:
b (signed byte)
B (unsigned byte)
h (signed short)
H (unsigned short)
l (long)
T (size _t currently the same as I4 )
i[n] (signed int with n bytes (don't include '[]' ))
I[n] (unsigned int with n bytes)
f (float)
d (double)
c[n] (fixed length string)
z (zero/null terminated string)
s (string with length prefixed in unsigned int)
< (Little endian)
> (Big endian)
= (Native endian)
x (one byte of padding)


Unsigned long isn't implemented as Java's long data type can not hold it
Xop and ![n] needs more testing

j J and n have not be added yet