Advanced Macros

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Filename advancedmacros-3.11.6.jar
Uploaded by Theincgi
Uploaded Feb 2, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.17 MB
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MD5 09491ab32d9f2135e8758c08119b0e78
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


New features:

  • hud2D.addItem( item, x, y) --all args are optional
  • g.addItem( item, x, y ) --where g is a gui, all args are optional
  • midi.getKeyboard( filter, onEvent ) --allows connection to midi keyboards
  • midi.stopAll() --stops all midi connections


  • prompt will wait for you to exit the running scripts gui so you can stop a script that keeps prompting you without restarting
  • Gui elements have a default hover color of CLEAR now, shouldn't cause NullPointerException crash anymore

About gui/hud items:
    items can use the following simple formats:
    "minecraft:wool"    --no damage value
    "minecraft:wool:5" --mod:itemName:damageValue
    "wool"                       --puts "minecraft:" infront *only if there is no ':' anywhere in the string for now
Additional notes:
  Currently item counts will not render on the item.

  Also, Items with durability do not render the usage/damage bar.