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"Advanced Finders" is a mod that adds several ore finders to make the mining process much more interesting and time-saving. With this mod, you will never miss the ore hiding behind the wall right next to you.

REQUIRES ForgeEndertech library

For best results, use with Large Ore Deposits

Supported mods

Key features

  • Displays the direction to nearby ores around the player (hands (rectangles) show ores found in the horizontal plane)
  • Detects deep underground ore veins (arrows (triangles) show the direction (up/down) to the nearest vein)
  • Signalizes about found large ore deposit (red lights)
  • Synchronized between players (you can see what the finder held by another player is showing)
  • Safe for servers (all settings are synchronized with clients)
  • Built-in support for most popular resource-based mods (full list)
  • Full customization via config files, including the ability to add custom ores for your favorite mods
  • Different finders for different types of ores






  • Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks.
  • You are allowed to use it without asking for permission.