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AdvanceBase will be officially discontinued for 1.13.x and above, as I am shifting all its features to a new mod, ADG Resources for those versions.


AdvanceBase is my first mod for 1.10.2 and Higher, and the first Mod in the AdvanceMC Lineup of mods. It adds ores, ingots, and other resources for its fellow AdvanceMC Mods, coming soon. You can also use this mod if you want a bunch of placeholder ores for your modpack.


Currently Implemented:


  • Ores (Copper, Tin, Lead, Silver, Aluminum) and their respective ingots, blocks, nuggets, plates, dusts, and gears.
  • Silicon piece and Sulfur Dust (Currently unobtainable)
  • Bronze Ingot and Gear
  • Advancium Ore/Ingot, which will serve as the core resource for my other mods.


Runs on Forge 2099 and Higher (1.10.2) or forge 2705 and higher (1.12.2).