Additional Enchanted Miner

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Filename AdditionalEnchantedMiner-1.13.2-13.3.3.jar
Uploaded by Kotori316
Uploaded Aug 15, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 1.15 MB
Downloads 570
MD5 b122bf7a2226b6a45f4a8f0afeead257
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Supported Minecraft 1.13 Versions


This mod requires a library, Scalable Cat's Force.

Version 13.3.3

  • Added Fuel Module, which supply 10 RF/t every tick without resources.
  • Localized message shown up when you restart quarry.
  • Added Creative Energy Source Module.

Version 13.3.2

  • Added Torch Module, which automatically places torch if the floor is dark enough monsters can spawn.
  • Refactoring.
  • Support chain breaking of MCAssistant. (Imported from 1.12.2)

Version 13.3.1

Ported fixes from 1.12.2 * Fixed - fluid is replacer to dummy block. * Log name * Not to replace fluid * Faster fluid removal * Configurable modules * Breaking sound * Fixed - NPE when pump module is loaded. * Y Setter for new quarry * Fixed that onActivate is called in client. * Fixed quarry drill head went to (0, 0, 0). * Changed order of breaking blocks * Fix NEP if unbreaking isn't provided. Fix (0, 0, 0) block is removed by quarry. * Fixed step is 0 when x size or z side of area is 1. #60 * drops enchanted item when removed

Version 13.3.0

  • Added new quarry and module system. To enhance old quarry function, you need to place block next to the machine. In module system, you can put a module item to quarry inventory to enhance the function.
  • Changed version. (mc version).(major).(minor)

Version 2.0.4

  • Added signature to Jar file.
  • Added List Template.
  • Respect stack size of the result of WorkbenchRecipe.

Version 2.0.3

  • Refactoring to use cats.
  • Added GUI of ListEditor
  • Changed to beta.

Version 2.0.2

  • Update forge.
  • You can use status checker to Spawner Controller to know mob name spawned by adjacent spawner.
  • Implemented JEI plugin for BookMover and EnchantMover.
  • Added AdvQuarry(ChunkDestroyer).
  • Added AdvPump(Advanced Pump)
  • Removed limit of enchantment. You can add Fortune and Silktouch at the same time to machines when BookMover is enabled.

Version 2.0.1

  • Added function of chunk loading to QuarryPlus, Solid Fuel Quarry and MarkerPlus. This chunk loading uses vanilla method, World#func212414b(int, int, boolean). See source of /forceload (net.minecraft.command.impl.ForceLoadCommand).
  • Refactoring.

Version 2.0.0

  • Fixed a crash of loading machine.
  • Fixed recipes weren't registered.
  • Quarry is now slower than before.

Version 1.0.7

  • Added replacer
  • Improved validation of Workbench recipe

Version 1.0.6

  • Update for Minecraft 1.13.2

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