Last Updated: Nov 10, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Mar 12, 2013

Owner: Shinoow

  • Added a config option that toggles if item names should display regardless of them being locked or not
  • Cha'garoth now opens his mouth during his barf attack (courtesy of Enderman_Of_D00m)
  • Fixed the crystallizer recipes for processing Bronze
  • J'zahar has been buffed with new attacks (including shouts, earthquakes and conjuring black holes and gravity anomalies)
  • Added a dimension blacklist for the aforementioned black holes
  • I'm not gonna reveal the actual change, but it involves Creative Mode and a certain gatekeeper
  • The Dreadlands Portal now spawn Dreadlings instead of Dread Spawns
  • Energy Containers can now display values over 32767 in their GUIs
  • Doubled the time it takes for a Lesser Dreadbeast to spawn a Dread Spawn