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This is the original/heavy version of 

A.V.A - Alliance of Valiant Arms Guns (Light)

Why two different mods?

- The original mod is growing and having too much content for me to update between various popular Minecraft versions.

- Most people found that the original mod is having too much feature that most of the Minecraft player does not need.

- The light version allows me to add new weapons easily from 1.16 to 1.20 however will not receive any other feature updates.

What's the differences, and which one should I be playing on?

- The original mod contains all the features, effects, entities/mobs, structures, map creations, and blocks.

- The light mod contains only weapons and armours with minimal optional effects.

- The original mod focuses on keeping up-to-date will all the new contents involved.

- The light mod will only be updated if there's new weapons being added.

-> If you only want a simple gun mod then the light version is what you are looking for.


More Sniper Gallery Images:

More Cold Case Images:

More Pyramid Images:

Useful Links:

Mastery Tasks & Perks

Discord Server


Server Config

Client Config (can be accessed with /ava clientConfig command ingame)

Datapacks can be used to configure most of the weapon stats.

For more information please visit: https://discord.com/channels/834742557203628052/1077114092139073616/1077117286000885760



Crafting System:

Removing the mod:

The mod contains a WIP dimension that causes some vanilla datapack errors after removing

Hi, as Vanilla warned, the experimental settings world might cause problems, such as corrupted worlds.

I discovered that it is caused by the worldgen (Tested with Twilight Forest, same corruption happening), and understood that it is very annoying so here I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.



this is what should fix the error.

Language Supports:

ru_ru (145play145); de_de (zJustCombo); vi_vn (MaidenVans); tr_tr (StatiK_404); fr_fr (Eric LEGUEBE); ko_kr (jinwk00)

The translation may be incomplete


Alliance of Valiant Arms: Annihilation

Alliance of Valiant Arms: Demolition (Half AI)

A.V.A: Prison Break - Escape

Resource Packs:

Got any issues, ideas/suggestions?


By jinwk00

By Kaludi