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🧊 Summary

Pagamos, also known as Ice Mod, was originally created by JabJabJab and was one of the first dimension mods ever created way back in Minecraft Beta. All though, it has not aged very well playing it today with inside of modern minecraft versions, this is a piece of history you would be playing and is meant to capture nostalgia.

❄️ How to play

To get to the ice dimension, also known as Pagamos, you need to create a portal frame using Snow Blocks, and then light it with a Flint and Lapis. To craft a Flint and Lapis, you need a Lapis Lazuli block and flint.

Pagamos Mobs

   Crystal Phoenix

Hostile mob that flies through the dimension. They fire projectiles at the player and their projectiles can be hit back at them.

   Ice Creeper

Hostile mob that can trap you inside of its ice and then explodes.


Passive mob that does nothing other than populate the dimension./p>

📦 Modpack Permissions

Yeah, go ahead unless told otherwise. Just make sure to give proper credit and you're good.

🌐 Translations

If you want to see the mod in your language (if it doesn't already have it), check out the translation website!

📺 Let's Plays / Showcases

These videos of the mod are from way back in Minecraft Beta. New showcases, if anyone wants to make any, will be added here.