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HyperCraft Add-on


This addon adds a range of ores and tools. Ores can be found scattered underground, and these may be your only chance to defeat and pillagers and other new mobs!

This addon will also add more foods and resources so you dont get bored when your on your own or with a friend we want the fun to keep going

You might want to get a lot of chests ready for your brand new ores! Their are around 16 Ores inside the game now!



Do you want more tools and armors?


Offcourse you do well this addon will add more tools and armors,blocks and ores to your minecraft worlds!

These tools will be verry important if you want to defend your life on minecraft when the new mobs in other addons come and get you! 

Their will be new mobs and foods i would suggest using a backpack or collect shulker boxes

Below is a preview of the current blocks!



Smelt The Ores To Get The Ingots!

Check Out My Mod Review V1.1.2


Here Are 16 New Recipies For Swords!

All Swords Are Craftable

Lead Sword, Nickel Sword
Mercury Sword, Plastic Sword
Zinc Sword, Copper Sword
Sapphire Sword, Onyx Sword
Titanium Sword, Mythril Sword
Vibranium Sword, Invar Sword
Adamantium Sword, Aquamarine Sword
Gallium Sword, Ruby Sword
Redstone Sword, Coal Sword


Smooth Lead Block, Smooth Nickel Block

Smooth Mercury Block, Smooth Plastic Block

Smooth Zinc Block, Smooth Copper Block

Smooth Sapphire Block, Smooth Onyx Block

Smooth Titanium Block, Smooth Mythril Block

Smooth Vibranium Block, Smooth Invar Block

Smooth Adamantium Block, Smooth Aquamarine Block

Smooth Gallium Block, Smooth Ruby Block


Carved Creeper Lead Block, Carved Creeper Nickel Block

Carved Creeper Mercury Block, Carved Creeper Plastic Block

Carved Creeper Zinc Block, Carved Creeper Copper Block

Carved Creeper Sapphire Block, Carved Creeper Onyx Block

Carved Creeper Titanium Block, Carved Creeper Mythril Block

Carved Creeper Vibranium Block, Carved Creeper Invar Block

Carved Creeper Adamantium Block, Carved Creeper Aquamarine Block

Carved Creeper Gallium Block, Carved Creeper Ruby Block


Carved Lead Block, Carved Nickel Block

Carved Mercury Block, Carved Plastic Block

Carved Zinc Block, Carved Copper Block

Carved Sapphire Block, Carved Onyx Block

Carved Titanium Block, Carved Mythril Block

Carved Vibranium Block, Carved Invar Block

Carved Adamantium Block, Carved Aqusmarine Block

Carved Gallium Block, Carved Ruby Block

39 New Foods!

Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Salad, Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Soup
Chips ,Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie Cake, Apple Pie
Bacon Pie, Bacon, Baguette, Bucket Of Fried Chicken
Brownie, Bowl, Bourbon Biscuit, Bottom Bun
BLT Sandwich, Beer, Beef Stew, Beef Jerky
Breakfast Sandwich, Cheese Burger, Cheese, Cheese Puff
Cheese Pie, Cheese Cake, Caramel Apple, Cappuccino
Caesar Salad, Butter Rice, Burrito, Chocolate
Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Syrup, Chocolate Ice Cream Ball, Chocolate Donut
Chocolate Ice Cream, Chocolate Cupcake, Coffee Cup, Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate Cookie Cupcake

New UI!


Lead Sword, Nickel Sword

Mercury Sword, Plastic Sword

Zinc Sword, Copper Sword

Sapphire Sword, Onyx Sword 

Titanium Sword, Mythril Sword

Vibranium Sword, Invar Sword

Adamantium Sword, Aquamarine Sword

Gallium Sword, Ruby Sword

Redstone Sword, Coal Sword


Known Bugs!

  • Ores Not Spawning!
  • Crafting Recipies Are Broken But Being Worked On!

                    NOTICES AND NEWS


  • V1.1.2 Will Have A Chisel
  • V1.1.3 Will Have Ores In Chests Or Spawning
  • V1.1.3 Will Have The Recipies
  • V1.1.3 Adds Fun Youve Been Waiting For!
  • Slowly We Will Stick Around To Make This Mod Better!
  • V1.1.4 Will Be Texture Update


  • V1.1.2Will Have Chisel
  • V1.1.3 Should Have Swords Working!
  • V1.1.3 Will Have Bugs Maybe You Let Me Know!


  • Someone Confirm It Works On 1.14 Before I Make It Official!


More Staffs

i want to get this update bug free before i add more stuff!

The Christmas Update And Bonfire Update THO 😉


  • added recipies for swords
  • fixed bug when mining sapphire it gives wrong block
    fixed mythril not smelting
    added "Dough And Pie Base"
    added a new biome dont know if this works just yet for 1.12 the ores should spawn in that biome!




Follow the steps to install

  1. Download the zip first
  2. The zip contains 2 folders
  3. The Resource and Behaviour Packs
  4. Extract Zip 
  5. Move the folders to corresponding folders
  6. internal/games/com.mojang/resource packs
  7. internal/games/com.mojang/behaviour packs




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