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Excalibur Extras utilizes 3D models and extra blockstates to add more options for builders.


Example Extras:

- Spruce Crate: spruce planks double slab
- Jungle Plank Trim: jungle planks double slab
- Sandstone Bricks: sandstone double slab
- Red Sandstone Bricks: red sandstone double slab
- Vertical Dark Oak Planks: dark oak planks double slab
- Vertical Crimson Planks: crimson planks double slab
- Nether Brick Tiles: nether brick double slab
- Blackstone Pillar: polished blackstone double slab
- Prismarine Brick Mosaic: prismarine brick double slab

- Nest: dead horn coral fan
- Pebbles/Rocks: stone button
- Hay Patch: yellow carpet
- Dirt Slab: lower petrified slab

- Table: Upper petrified slab
- Bench: magenta bed
- Wooden Truss Supports: sideways hopper
- Tudor Blocks: light grey/brown glazed terracotta
- Carved Wood: brown concrete
- Cracked Stones: silverfish infested blocks

- Brazier: end rod
- Large Lantern: beacon
- Sideways Lantern: end rod on wall
- Candelabra: redstone comparator

- Tankard/Mug: 1 dead sea pickle
- Glass Bottles/Mason Jars: 2 dead sea pickles
- Quill and Parchment: 3 dead sea pickles
- Assorted Jars: 4 dead sea pickles
- Wine Bottle/Cactus Juice: flower pot with cactus
- Book Stack: crimson button

- Bonsai Tree: flower pot with jungle sapling
- Wither Rose Case: flower pot with wither rose
- Rope: single birch fence
- Coin Pile/Chicken Feed: gold pressure plate
- Chess/Checkers Board: Dark oak pressure plate
- Faucet/Barrel Tap: tripwire hook
- Water Bucket: warped button
- Lava Bucket: powered warped button


Please use in tandem with Excalibur!