Dark Pixels | PVP Pack for Bedrock [8x]

5,745 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.16

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About Dark Pixels

Dark Pixels brings an entirely new PVP experience for low-end PCs' users. Made with 8x8 textures, twice less than the original textures resolution, it contains a lot of features and tricks to help in combat while being visually pleasant and stylish. The 8x resolution is often considered as a downgrade but this pack aims to recreate details with less pixels in order to help low-end computers to have a nice game without having to lose performance. Based on the port of @Eztorly

(gameplay Minecraft Java 1.8.9)


  • Clear Glass (+CTM)
  • Low Fire
  • Clear Water & Underwater Vision
  • Ore Borders
  • Bow Strength Indicator
  • Better Rain/Snow
  • Clear Pumpkin Vision
  • No lag FPS Boost++ (RTX)


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