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This project has moved to Planet Minecraft.

This data pack is what you might call a very light modpack, with data packs instead of mods. This particular data pack includes all the recipe and loot changes that aren't independent enough to stand on their own, and as such it is incomplete on its own.

The goal of this data pack collection is to get the player more involved by removing AFK shortcuts and incentivising active participation in the game and the world. Along with this are some quality of life improvements, and a few extra challenges, as well as more decorative options with new custom blocks and a variety of decorative player heads.

The YBTU collection of data packs can be found by clicking here.

Recipes modified or added by this data pack:

Armor, tool, and weapon recycling in a furnace/blast furnace gives back more of the material used to craft it.
Beacon base blocks can now be made with 4 ingredients.
Bread can be made by smelting wheat.
Bricks, nether bricks, and red nether bricks recipes all give 4 blocks instead of one.
Cookies can now be crafted in a 2x2 crafting grid, as their recipe is now shapeless.
Coral blocks can be crafted from their respective fans/corals.
Four chests can be crafted by using 8 logs in the same pattern as you would craft a chest with planks.
Dispensers can be crafted from a dropper and the bow recipe, so you can craft a full stack at a time.
Dyes can be made from corals of the respective colour.
Iron and gold ores smelted in a blast furnace gives their respective pressure plates, which can now be reverse crafted back into ingots, double the ingots for the same amount of ore.
Minecart variants can be crafted with their center block and 5 iron ingots.
Paper can now be crafted in a 2x2 crafting grid, as its recipe is now shapeless.
Prismarine brick blocks can be crafted from prismarine in a stonecutter.
Quartz blocks can be crafted back into quartz crystals.
Repeaters can be crafted using sticks and redstone dust instead of redstone torches.
Shulker shells can be crafted from popped chorus fruit.
Sixteen sticks can be crafted from two logs.
Wooden blocks can be crafted from their respective wood types in a stonecutter.

Loot modified or added by this data pack:

All mobs that dropped items that can be mined no longer drop those items.
Dust and gem ores now drop more items.
Elder Guardian's now drop tridents.
Ender chests no longer require silk touch to mine.
Leaves now drop more saplings; enough that the average number of leaves on any tree gives several times as many sapling as it took to grow the tree.
Magma cubes now drop blaze rods instead of magma cream.
Shulkers always drop 2 shulker shells.


Note: This data pack is incompatible with any other data pack that changes the same loot tables.

More information about data packs and how to use them can be found on the official Minecraft Wiki.