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As I was about to update my Floating Nether Islands world generator, I realized that what I dug into is way much more work and does much more than I expected it would. The world generator changed so much, the structure generation too and the point anymore is not on the floating islands but the feel of the whole world. It's just so different than vanilla. It took me several days, digging into code, replacing bits there with various tools, just to find out it's not enough then dig more deeper and deeper. There were several days when I worked from 8 am to next day's 2 am just because I was so frustrated that I cannot achieve the structure generation I sought because it'd require me to go through 190 files one by one. Thus, I feel like I don't want to mix this generator anymore with my Floating Nether Islands generator because it feels so different and in fact, the world doesn't want to generate floating islands anymore but a regular overworld just deformed so much it looks like as if. But enough of useless explanations of dev logs. Here we go.


  • The Overworld Generates only nether biomes, plains and river plains
  • River for water
  • Plains for regular ores
  • Villages, outposts and mansions generate too, they're completely revamped to generate structures more fitting in a nether environment
  • Villages generate in nether wastes, plains, river and crimson forests
  • Pillager outposts generate in nether wastes and plains but not in nether biomes
  • Mansions generate in warped forests only
  • Customized water, sky, foliage, grass colors in each biome
  • Mobs spawn all day! Enjoy suffering :)
  • Two editions: Normal and one without ghasts

If you'd like to see how much I sucked with the creation of this pack check out my wall posts in my profile. It's worth it.

Big thanks and credit go to sanonasu for his noise settings which were perfect for such landscape and naturally to ZombieRat for his Piglin Villagers/Illagers resource pack. They made my work much easier in some aspects. Much appreciated! Also I recommend you to use my Dark Music Resource Pack for this kind of world. It makes the atmosphere much more creepy.

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