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I already made a water world data pack based loosely on the movie with the same name and it's been in my mind for long to create something that is the opposite of it, a world generator where heat, hot, fire and sand rules. Inspired loosely by the world building of Mad Max Fury Road I present you the scorched earth survival in which the earth has dried up a lot. This world generator is somewhat a continuation of my Desert Survival data pack. There are no oceans, no snowy biomes. Each biome is deserted, scorched and empty without even as much as regular trees, they even burn to crisp, almost petrified. You won't find any water in this world and grass/plants barely. So you better make best use of the scarce loot that you can find in the empty villages, outposts, mansions and so on. Crops also have withered but hay bales didn't, after all they're already processed. They're a good start for food but you better go hunting for saplings and seeds if you want a sustainable life. Animals have also died out, there are only monsters left. Steak and porkchop won't be on the menu, sorry guys. How long can you stay alive in a deserted and unforgiving work like this?



  • Be safe. Build a safe haven
  • Explore vast distances between villages
  • Make enough food for long travels
  • Find all crops to plant
  • Find all saplings to plant
  • Avoid insanity from being all alone in the world except from mobs
  • Count the days you've left, till you give up



If you want a somewhat less challenging and more interesting playthrough I recommend you to use my Backwards Crafting and Learn From Your Deeds data packs as well.

I've already added two recipes to make it a tiny bit easier for you to play. First is that you can make oak wood from 8 sticks at a crafting table which is nice for dead bushes drop sticks. The same goes for oak planks which you can craft 4 pieces of 8 sticks.