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Hey! I made this data pack as a challenge for myself to get back to making data packs by re-learning how to ... well, make data packs?


Welcome to Phantom Purgatory!

Did you ever want to ignore sleep but you were afraid that annoying phantoms will start spawning? Yes? Then this pack is just for you! There won't be such a problem anymore. Phantoms will spawn day and night for there is only night and darkness and hopelessness. Doesn't matter if you sleep or not.


Challenge yourself and see how long can you stay alive in such an inhospitable world without dying!




  • This little data pack replaces every mob in every overworld biome with phantoms (except for structure and feature based mobs such as: villagers, bees, pillagers, wandering traders)
  • Default infiniburn is the end
  • It's always night, always dark
  • Two versions: Regular replaces only regular mobs with phantoms. Empty villages well.. empties villages? So there won't be either pillagers and villagers only in igloos I left some for you so you can still breed traders if you want to.)



Have fun? I guess?