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I'm sure most of you tried playing around superflat mode in Minecraft since it was introduced for big builds, testing, easy access, redstone stuff, perhaps command blocks or maybe just for fun. In fact, my friend who I made play the game and started liking it played in a superflat world in survival and made several awesome builds during the months I accidentally deleted his save game and made him quit the game forever. Oh the memories... ANYWAY, I drifted away a bit from the topic. Here we go.


Features as of Minecraft version 1.19:

  • The overworld is unchanged compared to previous versions. Everything is working fine.
  • The nether won't generate many stuff if I flatten it so the best I could do was to remove the bedrock ceiling thus you can easily dig up to the flat surface of the world this way traversing the nether and getting flat surface for builds is still a viable thing
  • The end is untouched
  • Two editions: Regular, that only flattens the overworld and Plus that removes the bedrock ceiling in the nether too


Features as of Minecraft version 1.18:

  • Redone the data pack so now achieving flatness with different methods
  • Now aquatic biomes spawn too
  • Jungle and desert pyramids are added back!
  • Everything seem to be working in order in the overworld
  • Mountainous biomes are obviously flat so there isn't too much to them
  • In plus version the nether and the end are both quite flattened, at least the top of them
  • In achieving that I accidentally made the ender dragon easier to beat since there are no obsidian monoliths and crystals... Sorry?
  • The nether is relatively safe to walk around but don't go diving deep in lava while using the plus version. For some reason where there is lava lake there isn't any bedrock. You might just... you know. Fall out of the world?


Features up to Minecraft version 1.17.1:

  • The world surface generates in only one plane, highly resembling to Mojang's original superflat mode, except for it is not but tries to achieve it by sticking to a given height
  • The world is still very idea for survival and creative modes for the majority of the world space is still empty as seen in the very first picture in the description
  • With the exception of oceans, ocean monuments and desert pyramids everything works
  • Ruined portals and stronghold still generates so you can complete the game if you wished so
  • Two editions. One only make the overworld superflat, the other makes both the nether and the end too
  • In the plus edition end biomes are a bit modified so chorus trees generate everywhere, giving the landscape a more dense look

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