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Woodland mansion spawner [Datapack] will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This data pack allows you to spawn a woodland mansion anywhere in your world by right-clicking with a special spawn egg.

You must have access to commands in order to obtain the spawn egg.


How to install:


1. download the project

2. move the "woodland mansion spawner" data pack into .minecraft > saves > your_save > datapacks

3. move the "generated" folder into .minecarft > saves > your_save

4. done


Once you install the datapack, you can type /function spawner:give_spawner in chat to obtain the spawn egg.


You can now right-click on a flat and clear area with the spawn egg to display a blueprint of the mansion. If you're happy with the position, place a lever next to the green glowing block and activate it. The mansion will now build itself.


If you want to cancel the build and remove the blueprint, throw a redstone block on the green glowing block.


Note: The mansion's entrance will always face towards the south (positive z) when the mansion is spawned