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There are many players who wanted to play the game while it snows everywhere. There are many mods and data packs that try to achieve this with different methods like:

Winter Apocalypse (deprecated) for 1.16-17

Eternal Winter (deprecated) for 1.16

Another Winter Apocalypse (deprecated) for 1.18

and many more. So do I. 



  • Each and every biome is mostly untouched
  • It is constantly a thunderstorm everywhere so it keeps snowing all the time
  • Every biome is inverse in temperature. 0.6 is -0.6 and 2.0 is -2.0 in biomes
  • As a small bonus you don't need silk touch to mine ice, packed ice and blue ice
  • Also you can reverse craft blue ice to 9 packed ice and packed ice to 9 ice
  • You can also craft 4 snowballs from a snow block and powder snow with bucked and snowballs
  • You can craft a snow block into 4 snow layers and vice versa


As of additional features for each difficulty level check out the update logs under the files section by clicking on the file with the appropriate level that you want to play with.



Nothing extreme. Just enjoy yourself. Have fun in your winter wonderland!



The initial release is the easy version. I'm planning to add many more versions, each one making the game harder than the previous.