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-Fuel Script Addon for Nuclearcraft : Overhauled
-needs 2o.5.4 version of Nuclearcraft or later (beta currently only found in Discord)


-adds 12 new AT Fuels (36 if you count the varients of Nitride,Oxide,Zirconium Alloy)

-Activated Thorium Fuels (AT) are crafted from the fissile Element+8TBU Pellets

- UAT-233 from Uranium-233

- UAT-235 from Uranium-235

- NAT-236 from Neptunium-236

- PAT-239 from Plutonium-239

- PAT-241 from Plutonium-241

- AAT-242 from Americium-242

- CmAT-243 from Curium-243

- CmAT-245 from Curium-245

- CmAT-247 from Curium-247

- BAT-248 from Berkelium-248

- CfAT-249 from Calornium-249

- CfAT-251 from Californium-251

Click for Google Spreadsheet with Fuel Stats