The Refugee to Regent Challenge Guide-Book

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Have you ever wanted to build a complete Kingdom from scratch in Minecraft? Let me guess, you got bored and quit, or you just got overwhelmed and ragequit.While I can't help too much with the former, I am here to help with the latter. This Challenge (in both in and out of game forms) is written to be used by both Vanilla and modded Minecraft.

Just follow the ten-step program, and you will soon (relatively speaking) have a complete Kingdom, from a Dirt Hovel to a Emerald Capital! And who says that that's the end of the road? Go on and build a Diamond Kingdom. Aw, heck, build another one (or four) and call it a Nether-Star Imperium!


Steves and Alexes, may I present the Refugee to Regent Challenge now soon to be in an easy-to-find, in-game book, powered by Enchiridion! The Challenge is one of discipline. Of not necessarily using the best items right away. There will be no in-game mechanics (coded by me) to force you to do anything, because the Rule of Cool (eh, that rule is boring and useless to me--screw it. I'm not doing it because it will make my experience better) is the one thing above everything else you should remember.


It is up to you not to use tools for most of the Dirt Hovel stage. Only Wood tools for the Wood stage. Stone for the Stone, etc etc etc. Don't worry, Diamond Tools are unlocked in Stage 5: Gold City. Fight the power (creep)!

  1. Dirt Hovel: You're living in squalor. Get a roof over your head. Maybe something to eat.
  2. Wood Settlement: Others are showing up. Get some food going, get some shelter over their heads.
  3. Stone Hamlet: Strike the Earth!
  4. Iron Village: Oooh, shiny metals. I bet we could use these.
  5. Gold City: Diamonds are a Ruler's best friend. Beware the Nether.
  6. Lapis Metropolis: Isn't this Enchanting, my dear?
  7. Emerald Capital: King (or Queen!) of literally hundreds of citizens. You've made it. What's this Stronghold doing here?
  8. Diamond Kingdom: anyone for scrambled Dragon Eggs?
  9. Nether Star Imperium: Okay, now do it all again.

 Recommended mods:

  • Enchiridion (to read the book)
  • Bibliocraft (to have a nice place to put the book)
  • Refugee to Regent Utilities
    • Senseidragon has been a friend of the Challenge for a couple years now, and his mod helps to enforce encourage one of the Challenge's oldest rules: Don't go underground without a helmet.
  • Custom NPCs (to add some life to your world, instead of having tens/dozens/hundreds of empty houses in a ghost town)
  • Other Villager-esque mods like Minecolonies, or Village Box, or.........
    • Disclaimer: While I have extensively used both Bibliocraft and Custom NPCs, I am referring Minecolonies and Village Box purely on word of mouth.


Happy Building!


Demo: v0.1


I have written a few pages worth of content for an in-game Refugee to Regent Challenge, with the promise of much more. I try to make it as pretty as possible while also getting as much information across as possible.


Known bugs:

  • The Table of Contents links don't link anywhere
  • The Table of Contents needs a new background so it doesn't look ridiculous scrolling like that
  • The book is called "Welcome, Weary Traveller"
  • Certain buttons are the default buttons or are not extant at all. They will be replaced with Minecraft textures soon enough.
  • It's a Demo book, not the full thing! Where's the damn content! I'm never buying from this "Maul_Junior" guy ever again!

 This will likely never escalate beyond a simple Book and Wiki, but there have been mod packs (and even a mod) dedicated to it. This project is also in Alpha. For me, that means that I'm still tinkering with it but am VERY intrigued by the possibilities. It also means that right now you can only open it with Enchiridion (sorry), but I'm still experimenting with it and will try to figure out how to have it load up in a player's inventory on world creation.


PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO ME. I do not have a Paypal donation link nor do I have a Patreon page. I don't feel that this project (and the long delays I often take from it) are quite up to scratch to be paid for. Maybe if I get through all of the pie-in-the-sky hopes and dreams for the Refugee to Regent Challenge I'd be open to it. Go throw your money at the hard-working mod devs.


The Refugee to Regent Challenge was inspired by iamchris27's City Construction Challenge. You may use this in any modpack if you wish. You may start a Challenge inspired by this one, unless you copy/paste my content directly. That's just a dick move.



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