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Two addons for Pole, fishing under the sky

Three for Thalzamar, lord of the MSR

Six for Quantum, with much nuclei

One for the player, in his avatar


In the overhaul, where the rads are high

One addon to rule them all, one addon to find them

One addon to bring them all, and in the launcher combine them

In the overhaul, where the rads are high



From QuantumTraverse: Moar Fuels, Moar Heat Sinks, Moar Reactor Functionality, Moar Realistic Radiation, Moar Realistic Enrichment, Moar Reactor Components
From Thalzamar: NuclearCraft: Overhauled Unrealistic Turbine Overhaul, Thorium Mixed Fuels, Alternative Ore Processing
From FishingPole: NuclearCraft Extra Ingot Blocks, NuclearCraft: Overhauled Confectionery


Dependencies: CraftTweaker, ContentTweaker, NuclearCraft: Overhauled, and any dependencies those mods might have. QMD, Trinity, and NuclearCraft Steam Additions are optional dependencies that add things to this addon's constituent addons. While JEI is not required, it is highly recommended, as it will show all the recipes and functionality of this add-on, which I will not bother to document here.



Installation Instructions:

To install The One Addon (also called TOATRTA), follow these steps:

0. Unzip the file so its a folder called TOATRTA

1. Move this entire folder to your Minecraft folder at resources/nuclearcraft/addons. If this directory does not currently exist, you will have have to make it yourself. When you're done, it should look as follows: the folder named addons contains the folder TOATRTA, which itself contains several subfolders.

2. Voila. You're done.