Stargates In Vanilla Minecraft 3.0

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Stargates In Vanilla Minecraft was a command creation initially released for Minecraft 1.9 and since then has updated to 1.10 and 1.11.

This is the newest release of the creation and this page will now be the main hub for all of Stargates In Vanilla Minecraft.


How to Use:




Make sure the module is in your spawn chunks.




To install the creation, open the .zip file and copy and the folder called structures into your world folder or \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\<WorldNameHere>.

when that is done, open the world and place a structure block in the world (To get a structure block, do the command /give @p structure_block) set it to load and load StargateMain. When the structure is created click the button with the sign saying "Add Scoreboard Objectives"


Everything is now running. I hope you enjoy.




The stargates module will run lots of commands and slow down your game greatly. To fix this there are some basic commands and internal functions of the module you can run.



/gamerule commandBlockOutput false  -Prevents command logs from appearing in the chat.

/gamerule logAdminCommands false  -Stops the commands from appearing in a server console or crash logs.

Use the button labeled Toggle Stargate Rotation Amount to reduce the detail of a stargates rotation. (Can greatly reduce lag)



/gamerule randomTickSpeed 0  -Stops certain tasks from running (Not recommended for survival mode)

/gamerule doFireTick false  -Stops fire from burning objects (Not recommended for survival mode)


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