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The Starforce Alliance AddonPack:

Starforce is a team of misfit teens who all got imbued with the power of a projectile from an unknown origin. After learning about their new powers and being confronted by a mysterious figure the teens sworn to protect earth from any treat and decided to form The Starforce Alliance




Xeon - alter ego Edwin Hart, the Knowledge

Dominion over darkness and the void within. Power over the nothing-ness between everything.


Blink - alter ego Jason Sanders, the Cause

Dominion over reality, and the space that encompasses it. Power over what is and what could be.


Komenco - alter ego Gerhald Russell, the Nurturer

Dominion over creation, mother nature reincarnate. Power over the living, fauna and all.


Volta - alter ego Quinn Damon, the Hope

Dominion over energy, the cause to every action and reaction. Power over the modern world.


Iiko - alter ego Haven Harper, the Change

Dominion over self, the ultimate being. Power over transformation and evolution.


Inferno - alter ego Max Ember, the Passion

Dominion over the underworld, the heat of a thousands suns. Power over the flame.


Amethyst - alter ego Lily Spencer, the Brawn

Dominion over destruction, the end to it all. Power over strength and power itself.


Archangel - alter ego Kayla Page, the Image

Dominion over the heavens, a cold embrace. Power over light and the cold that follows.


Mods Required:

For all powers to appear/function, mods required are:

Lucraftcore, Heroes Expansion, Star Tech, Craftfall Essentials and SpeedsterHeroes


This addon is no longer being worked on. If there are any issues regarding the abilities and so on, I will try and patch them off before leaving it entirely. Thank you.