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Shattered Lands is a world generation data pack that changes our world to get an effect similiar to legendary Far Lands structures in a way that they generate if enabled in version of Minecraft 1.17 or newer. This data pack changes Overworld, Nether and End.


Shattered Lands does not provide official support for usage of other world generation data packs but you can modify it yourself.

Terms of Use

By using Shattered Lands data pack you agree to observe the rules written in TOU
If you wouldn't like to accept the rules of TOU, just stop using this pack.

General provisions:

You are allowed to use, share, write articles, modify and distribute modified version of the pack (with a mention of the original data pack)
You are not allowed to: monetize, share the original from unofficial download sources, redistribute unmodified version and claim to be the author of the original data pack.
Full Terms of Use can be found inside of README.txt file.

How to Install

1.Open Minecraft: Java Edition on version corresponding to downloaded release or any variation of it.
2.Click on a button labeled Singleplayer.
3.If you have created any world before, click Create New World. If you have never created any world before go to step no. 4.
4.Click on a button labeled Data Packs.
5.Click on a button labeled Open Pack Folder.
6.Now you can see temporary folder created by the game. Open another instance of File Explorer and find the downloaded .zip file.
7.Drag the downloaded .zip file into temporary folder.
8.Click on Minecraft window and hover your mouse above the icon of the pack on the left side of the window, and click on the arrow pointing right.
9.Click on a button labeled Done.
10.Click on a button labeled Create New World.



Programs and Sources Used to Create

-Minecraft Assets
-Minecraft Vanilla Worldgen File
-Data pack updater by Misode ( )

Created and Released by