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Seasons Dimension Datapack

This project is experimental.
Its files will not synchronize
across the CurseForge network.


This pack is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL at the moment!  Please make backups of your world before installing it!

This pack creates a new dimesion in your world with the id: "seasons:seasons"

Once the datapack is installed; to get to the seasons dimension you can use the command: /execute in seasons:seasons run tp ~ ~ ~


v1.1 Update! You can now create your own portals to the seasons dimension!

Added the ability to create portals to/from the Seasons Dimension.

  • You can create a 3x3 portal with 12 crying obsidian, a 3x3 pool of water, and a bell anywhere 3 blocks above the pool.
  • Throw a clock into the pool and ring the bell in order to create the portal.

Added an admin menu that can be accessed with /function seasons:admin

  • You can disable/enable portal creation from this menu
  • You can disable/enable Seasons' portal teleportation from this menu



This pack adds 4 expansive new biomes all with their own unique structures!

You can use "/locatebiome seasons:<biome_name>" to find the biomes while in the seasons dimension. 

You can use "/locate village" to find all of the structures within each different biome.


Spooky Plains:

A spooky orange fall biome with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns scattered about.


-Spider trees

-Spooky lamp posts

-Witch huts

-Spawns Zombie Horses

-Witches and spiders exclusively spawn here

-Giant pumpkin and witch pumpkin structures

and more


Cherry Blossom Fields:

A pink fresh biome lively with color.


-Cherry blossom trees

-Fallen forest logs

-Dense patches of flowers

-birch bushes

-Falling "leaves"

-Oriental house structures

and more


Emerald Hills:

A moist biome that was once home to an ancient civilization.


-Tall forest trees

-Ruinous caverns

-Fallen forest logs

-emerald ore lining the caverns

-Rubble piles sometimes filled with emerald blocks

-Farmland and crops

-Ruinous Fort structures with randomized layouts

and more


Glacial Mountains:

A frozen mountain range filled with snow and ice.


-Frozen trees

-Icy frozen caverns

-Huge spruce trees

-Large icy glaciers

-Frozen over surface

-Expansive Nordic Mineshaft structures

and more


*A quick note: currently there's a bug where straight minecart rails don't orient in the right place for structures.  Please upvote to help it get fixed: and