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A script to port 1.12 resource packs to 1.13

Are you tired of renaming your files because of the flattening? then use this script!
This batch file will automatically rename your textures to support 1.13 instead of 1.12.

WARNING: Backup your resource pack before using this script!

How to use it:
1. Put the script in the resource packs folder.
2. Run the script.
3. Press any key to confirm the script execution.
4. After porting, edit the pack.mcmeta to replace the pack_format value to 4.


Q: Nothing has been ported!
A: You need to edit the pack.mcmeta with Notepad, then you must change the "pack_format" number to 4, then it will work,
If you can't, replace the pack.mcmeta in the resource pack with the one included in this bundle.

Q: Is this a virus?
A: It isn't, I may have few posts but it isn't, Feel free to throw the files to VirusTotal to see it.
Need more proof? Check the source file then.

Q: Eww, batch...
A: It works anyway, and if you don't like it or you don't use Windows, use the shell script.

Q: Eww, shell script...
A: Then i can't help you to port the resource pack.

Q: I see empty texture folders with no image inside.
A: If you see this after RPP has finished porting, it's intentional so the script doesn't stop,
If it's included in the resource pack's original file, it's the author's fault.

Q: Can i edit it and redistribute it?
A: Yes, you are free to do anything with it.

Q: There's a bug/it isn't porting X.
A: Send a post about it here and i will try to fix it.

Q: I see purple-black checkboard texture in a block/item.
A: Try running the Animations script, if that doesn't helps, send the game logs in the forums, a screenshot is not needed.

Q: Where's the model?
A: It's disabled because it can break stuff, it must be manually edited.

Q: Does it also port models and mcmetas?
A: It supports mcmetas thought the Animation script, but not models, if you have a model-heavy mod, you will need to manually port everything, but this tool helps with the rest.



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