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This is a standalone game played in normal survival (or hardcore) minecraft  for java. You will need to start a new game and add this datapack before you start.


The game is altered. You start out in a pocket world, a training ground for new gods. You are ranked Tier F... not really even a rank really. A total n00b with no experience. Your task is to nove through the ranks up to SSS and beyond (you are a god after all). Completing challenge after challenge as you prove you have what it takes and understand the way of  things both in combat and exploration.


It's not all work and no play. As you progress and your power develops your new power allows you to expand your base. which is also a place of advancement. The areas you summon in to existence grow in size as well.


19 challenges (many repeatable) with reward system.


The rewards list includes 28 items. These have custom enduring effects (some familiar some not at all) all unique to this datapack. (The Earth Crafter's boots are my favorite) 


The game includes a pre-built base that is expanded by the player as you  move up in tiers.


It also includes additional 8+ go-fetch quests with various rewards based on difficulty.


Finally there is an in-game timer to measure the speed you complete the game, and 1 new recipe to facilitate game play.