Pedestal Recipe Template for Patchouli will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This is a template I made for one of my modpacks so I could display recipes made with this mod in my books. It does not add kind of content by itself.




0) Install Patchouli and Resource Loader
1) Copy the "resources" folder, directly into your modpack's directory.

2) Copy the file "pedestal_recipe.json" into your books' template folder. For example, patchouli_books/Encyclopedia Magicum/en_us/templates.

3) Done!

Now, here is a template you can use to make pages:

"center" is the item which goes on the middle pedestal. [ItemStack String]
"output" is the item which will be produced by the recipe. [ItemStack String]
"input1-6" are the items which go to the surrounding pedestals. (1 is the top-center pedestal). [ItemStack String]
"time" is being displayed next to the hourglass icon. For example, "3 seconds", "1 minute", "410 ticks". [Text String]


 And yes, you can obviously use this for your modpack. Credit is appriciated but not required.