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 To use this datapack, you also need a resource pack called Paint's Completionist Resources, available here. It will not function without it.

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Paint's Completionist Advancements is an advancement datapack for players who spend dozens of hours in their survival worlds, with 675 tasks to complete in 5 tabs.



Paint's Completionist Advancements uses custom art as opposed to being restricted to only using item icons. Here's the advancement "Globetrotter" that tracks all the biomes you've visited.


Wonders Of The World

"Wonders of the World" tracks structures.


"Animal Tamer": Tame all the non-horse animals.




There are 2,700 naturally occurring variants of tropical fish, but did you know that just 22 variants dominate the spawn tables? Collect all those in buckets (and the 3 non-tropical fish) for this advancement, "Plenty Of Fish In The Sea".



You know that vanilla advancement "Monsters Hunted"? It doesn't tell you which ones you've hunted and which you have still to hunt, but this advancement does.



"Brewtality": Get all the status effects.



"Master of Trade": Trade with a master of every profession.


Advancement GUI


How your advancement GUI appears in-game. I got permission from CiscuLog to use some of their enchanted items textures for the advancement "Enlightenment", where you get all the max-level enchantments on their items.



Added back "On A Rail" (We missed you). "How Did We Get Here?" is not hidden. In fact, all advancements are viewable the moment you open the advancements screen.