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This project has moved to Planet Minecraft.

This data pack requires its companion resource pack to function correctly.


Painted Blocks allows you to use a new paintbrush item to paint blocks, and create new blocks that you can build and decorate with! To get a paintbrush, rename a stick to "Paintbrush" in an anvil. The tooltip of the paintbrush explains how to use it. You'll also get the Painted Blocks Catalogue, which lists what blocks can be painted with what colours to create what new blocks.

The blocks created by this data pack use mushroom block states, rather than armor stands holding items to mask regular blocks. This means there is no added lag by having these custom blocks in your world! Unlike regular mushroom blocks, these custom blocks have many methods in place that prevent these new blocks from changing block states when placed next to each other, so you can build with them however you like without worry!

New block types added by this mod;

  • Basalt (smooth, cobble, brick, polished, and veined)
  • Ebony Wood (wood, log, stripped wood, stripped log, and planks)
  • Purpleheart Wood (wood, log, stripped wood, stripped log, and planks)
  • Verawood (wood, log, stripped wood, stripped log, and planks)
  • Sandstone Brick
  • Rocky Dirt
  • Wrought Iron (normal, and rusty)
  • Wattle & Daub (frame, pillar, diagonal, and cross)
  • Lemurian Labradorite (smooth, polished, brick, and chiseled)
  • Morklila (brick, and pillar)
  • Reinforced Sandstone
  • Grass Stone Tile
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Weathered Brick
  • Weathered Stone (bricks, chiseled, smooth, cobble, sandy brick, and sandy chiseled)
  • Thatch
  • Chordzol (normal and patchy)
  • Veined Quartz (basically marble)
  • Mushroom Inner Texture Blocks

You can also craft certain Painted Blocks into others using the custom Block Painter. Rename an emerald "Painter" in an anvil to get the Block Painter summoning item, and use it on a block to summon the Block Painter.

If you'd like to play with the blocks in Creative mode, you can give yourself the block placement items with functions included in the data pack, which begin /function paint_b:give/<block name>, where <block name> is replaced with the name of the block.

This data pack is also compatible with server plugins and other data packs that switch players into Adventure Mode when they enter areas like claims and other forms of area protection (such as the Stake A Claim data pack). This will prevent griefing on servers that use any plugin or data pack that utilises Adventure Mode for anti-griefing purposes.

This data pack was largely inspired by LapisDemon's Bonus Blocks concept.

Please note: there is currently a bug in Minecraft that prevents the correct block breaking particles from displaying for the blocks. Once this is fixed by Mojang, the block particles will display correctly, as the texture pack is already set up for them.

More information about data packs and how to use them can be found on the official Minecraft Wiki.