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Thermal Foundation

Thermal Expansion


-Immersive Petroleum




1. Move this ZipArchive to your Minecraft folder at resources/nuclearcraft/addons. If this directory does not currently exist, you will have have to make it yourself.

    The Folder should have been made when NC:O has been run once already.
2. Voila. You're done.



-semi-realistic Crude Oil Refining
-Bergius Process for Coal -> Synthetic Oil

-Fischer-Tropsch process for CO2-> Synthetic Oil

-Karrick Process Coal+Steam+1Hour -> Synthethic Oil

-Hydrothermal Liquidification for Wood+Biomatter -> Synthetic Oil

-each Synthetic Oil gives different Ratios of Oil Products

-Biogas from Biocrude
-Combustion Fuels for Nuclearcraft Turbines with Brayton Cycle

-Methan Synthesis by using Ruthenium (RL based)

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