No Item Despawn [Data Pack]

567 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Prevent item despawn.

📜 Description

This is a reborn project of NoItemDespawn (Forge Modification) and rewrote code for better performance.

Have you cry because you cannot pick up all of the items in time after death? Have you loss any important item because of item despawn? Now, this data pack solved these problems!

Unfortunately, this data pack still cannot solve item drop to the void, lava, fire, or by explosion...

⚠ Important

  • This data pack is not recommended to execute on a low performance device!
  • User has their own responsibility to undertake the risk of lag/crash/damage on their device, author have no any responsibility to undertake those risk.
  • If the world has too many items, it can cause lag/crash!

📚 Guide


📜 說明




⚠ 重要

  • 此資料包不建議在低性能的設備上執行!
  • 用戶有責任承擔設備卡頓/崩潰/損壞的風險,作者沒有任何責任承擔這些風險。
  • 如果世界上的物品太多,可以造成卡頓/崩潰!

📚 指南