My Hero Academia Addon

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My Hero Academia Addonpack




This is a addonpack for the LucraftCore Mod.

This Addonpack is inspired by the anime My Hero Academia and adds superpowers, so called quirks.



LucraftCore               (Required)

SpeedsterHeroes     (Required)

HeroesExpansion    (Optional) 



-Acid Quirk

-Dark Shadow


-Explosion (poorly made haha sorry .3.)

-Half Cold Half Hot


-One For All

-One For All:Full Cowl

-U.A Sport Uniform

-U.A School Uniform (Based off Midoriya)

-Midoriya's Hero Suit



Everything except for the armor textures and icon's was made by me thoughI only resized the icons and maybe rendered them a bit.


(This Pack was made because I was bored so don't expect too much from it haha)



Just write me if you want anything added 😄

Discord: ⚡Kiziro⚡#0806


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