Multicolored Lucky blocks

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Nemo Productions presents:  Multi-coloured Lucky blocks




Multi-coloured lucky blocks put a spin on the original lucky blocks adding over

70+ New things this includes items,mobs and new blocks. This lucky block is in

early development so there's plenty of more to be added (Of cause). And mods

may be added




there are 6 themes in this lucky block

  • Tools
  • Blocks
  • Items
  • YouTuber heads
  • Groups
  • Entitles

Any suggestions

if there is any suggestion please ask me in the comments this includes

  • Bugs
  • items that could be added
  • 80+ Lucky blocks
  • Make blocks luckier

Please do as this will make multi-coloured lucky blocks a more better experience for people


Where can I Download?

Hit that download button!


Thanks For reading and thanks for downloading







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