More NBT Tags [Datapack Edition]

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More NBT tags [​Datapack Edition]

by Legopitstop

This data pack adds some custom NBT (Named Binary Tags) to items. Right now this is in its early stages but I think there still is a lot of action-packed NBT to make your items customizable with little code. Below you can find a spoiler on the format of the pack. make sure you spell everything correctly and is in the correct format. If you have any issues consider commenting below or via my discord server or if you have any ideas to be added to this wonderful data pack. This does not add anything out-of-box, Its more of an API for other commands/datapacks. I highly recommend checking the Github WIKI to learn more about how to use this datapack.

Note: This Data pack only works in 1.17 snapshots, it contains the new /item command, and no there is no way this can/will work on older version/non-snapshots.

tested on 1.17 snapshot 21w15a and up, Unless future snapshots change the /item command or the marker entity.


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NBT Features


- Run an event when the target...
  - Uses the item.
  - Uses the item on a block.
  - Holds the item.
  - Wears the item.
- Deal damage to the tool
- Create an animated model using multiple CustomModelData tags.
- Create a throwable item, like a snowball
- Apply custom durability to the item, and determine how to show it.
- Create a shooter item, like a bow.
- Create a custom item that can hold and store items.
- Make the item place a custom block.
- Create a user interface that includes buttons that can run events.
- Create a custom food item that runs an event when you consume it or what item it becomes.

Blocks (W.I.P)

- Run an event when the target...
  - breaks the block
  - Places the block
  - Clicks on the block
- Create a custom loot table for the block when you break it.
and much more to come!

Entities/Player (W.I.P)

- Run an event when the player...
  - the item is in a certain slot inside the player's inventory
  - is holding an item
  - walks on a block
  - is near an entity.
and much more to come!

What are events?

What is an event? Events are code that can do one or more of the following:
- Gives an effect
- Removes an effect
- Kill a target
- Transform an item
- Merge data
- Show text like title, tellraw, subtitle, actionbar, say, etc.
- Remove an item from the stack
- Play a sound
- Add, set, or remove an amount from a score
- Deal damage to the target.
- Reload the server (has a setting to toggle this)
- Random number generator! (RNG)
- Summon an entity
- Spawn a structure.
and more to come!

And Much More!! For more information and code examples view the Github Wiki






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