Mechanici Datapack

435 Downloads Last Updated: May 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot


You can test/find the mechanici additions in this structure

Wither effect applied by a wither skeleton

Wither skeletons (and players with the wither effect) now apply wither to nearby players.

Craft smooth blocks

They were there but why weren't they in survival?

Repair your anvil

you can now repair your anvil. It costs 4 iron to repair 1 "damage"

Cauldron Brewery

Mechanici adds a (real) purpose to the cauldron.

Query Spell (18w03b version)

Desroys blocks in around of it. You need mossy cobblestone in the corners chiseled stone bricks in the center and mossy stone bricks on every side. Then throw a lapis block on the chiseled stone bricks. (Doesn't destroy blocks like bedrock)

An altar to transform a zombie to a rotten zombie (18w05a)

You may alter the position and count of full grown carrots and potatoes and the block in the middle.

Needed structure for a query spell

Magnet Towers