Mechanici Datapack

439 Downloads Last Updated: May 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.13-Snapshot

Mechanici is a survival Datapack with additions to normal Survival. (Should be combinable with other Datapacks)
This Datapack will (maybe) get updated.


The Structure mechanici:big_tutorial_mushroom is a good testing area.

Heres a list of everything Mechanici adds to your world:
- Harder wither mobs (Withering nearby players)
- Infecting wither effect (Players with wither will give nearbyplayers wither)
- Netherrack to magma changing magma cubes (If they jump on netherrack, it becomes magma)
- (Until 18w21b) ground on fire setting blazes (If a Blaze "stands" on a block, it will set it on fire)
- Cows to mooshroom cows changing mycelium (If Cows stand on mycelium they transform into mushroom-cows)
- Stronger monsters while carrying their loot (Nearby mobs get effects, when you carry their drops, which makes them harder to be defeated)
- Experience bottle machines (If you got glass bottles they will fill your exp into those)
- Trapdoor floors
- Trampolines (They give you jump boost if you stand on the center, stronger jump boost if your trampoline is completly green)
- Lavitatolines (They give you levitation if you stand on the center, stronger levitation if your lavitatoline is completly blue and purple)
- Breaking ice (If you step on non-packed ice it will break)
- Cauldron brewery (14 different brews) (Throw Items into a Cauldron)
- Reading books for exp (Hold a book to read it, also works with the offhand)
- Souldisbinder (gamemode spectator with blindness and limited time)
- (Until 18w21b) Item despawn (visual feedback) (Particles)
- (Until 18w21b) Stick (particle) brush (Hold the stick in your mainhand and the dye in your offhand)
- Dangerous nether star (As long as you hold it, you will have to deal with the wither effect)
- Query Spell (Throw a lapis on the center of the Structure)
- Rotten Zombie (Boss, let a zombie walk on the center of the Structure)
  - Rotten Rotten Flesh (Item, dropped by the Rotten Zombie, which gives you his "Dash" Ability)
- 2 Events
  - Solar Eclipse (Less Gravity)
- Meteorite Shower (stone and ores with fire around them)

- Clock Bar

- Five Towers with 2 Types of Upgrades

- Compressed Blocks (Compressed by Pistons facing downwards)

  - Towers

    - Fire Tower

    - Air Tower

    - Light Tower

    - Nature Tower

    - Magnet Tower

  - Upgrades

    - Range Upgrade

    - Attack Upgrade

  - Videos:

- 25 Recipes (20 New, 5 Edits)

- 36 Advancements (4 Goals, 1 Challenge)

- Admin Stuff
- 10 Block Tags (3 for the Pack)
- 9 Item Tags
- 2 Tutorial structures

- MechaniciStarsword=true NBT-Tag for diamond_sword

Mechanici will add difficulty and useful additions to your survival
experience, but not completly change your way of playing minecraft,
since it's made to improve survival gameplay - not to replace it.

The additions are made so they could be in vanilla and so that other datapacks are mainly compatible.


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