Manhattan Project Lucraftcore Addon Pack will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This addon pack adds the following Powers:

-Intrinsic Field

-Anung un Rama

-Chi Magic

-Gypsy Magic



-Power of Shazam


-Gamma Radiation

-Sonic Scream

-Weapons Plus Program




The pack also adds various powered suits such as:

-Helmet of Fate

-Iron Man Suit

-Doctor Doom's Suit

-Lex Luthor's War Suit



And many more cosmetic suits!

 *note: helmet of fate, martian skull and the manhunter suit instructions have no survival recipes as of yet and are designed for custom placed structures

Permissions: No modifying files if for public server use, no reuploading to external sites such as Technic/Dropbox


To install the pack:

Download file

Place file in your "addonpacks" folder found in your .minecraft directory. Have fun!