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Lucky Block Pink [1.7.10-1.20.2]


 Lucky Block Pink



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Lucky Block Pink 8.4 [Everlasting Expansions] for 1.20.2 is out now!
Lucky Block Pink is now on Modrinth as well!! https://modrinth.com/datapack/lucky-block-pink/


What is Lucky Block Pink?

  • Lucky Block Pink is a Lucky Block addon for Minecraft 1.7.10-1.20.2, which has Thousands of Possibilities!
  • Tons of Weapons, Armour, Potions, and Structures!
  • It's one of the oldest lucky block add-ons being around since February 12th, 2015 and is still being updated to this present day!
  • Includes drops from the Latest Versions of Minecraft!


In order for this Addon to work, you need the original Lucky Block mod by PlayerInDistress. 



Installation Instructions for 1.8+ (1.7.10 instructions included with download)

1. Install forge for the version of Minecraft you want. See how to download forge here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMhsUendfcE

If you have already downloaded and run the Lucky Block mod prior to the Lucky Block Pink installation and have the add-ons folder already in your .minecraft folder, skip steps 2 and 3.


2. Download the Lucky Block Mod https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/lucky-block


3. Go to your .minecraft folder and put the downloaded Lucky Block Mod file in the mod folder.

4. Launch Minecraft with the Lucky Block Mod


5. Go back to the .minecraft folder


6. Go to addons/lucky_block (1.8-1.12.2)

Go to addons/lucky (1.13.2+)


7. Download Lucky Block Pink for the minecraft version desired.


8. Drag Lucky Block Pink folder or .zip into your addons folder to complete the setup. 




Languages Supported, please let me know if any translations are incorrect!

Afrikaans, اللغة العربية, Български (България), Català (Catalunya), Dansk (Danmark), Deutsch, Pirate Speak, ɥsᴉꞁᵷuƎ (uʍoᗡ ǝpᴉsd∩), Anglish, Shakespearean English, Esperanto, Español (Argentina), Español (Chile), Español (España), Español (Ecuador), Español (México), Español (Uruguay), Español (Venezuela), Filipino (Filipinas), Français (Québec), Français (France), ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawai‘i), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia), Ido, Italiano (Italia), 日本語 (Nihongo), 한국어 (Hangugeo), LOLCAT (Kingdum ov Katz), Монгол (Mongol, Português (Brasil), Português (Portugal), Quenya, Русский (Russkiy), ไทย (thay), Tagalog (Pilipinas), tlhIngan Hol (tlhIngan wo'), Tiếng Việt (Việt Nam), 简体中文 (中国) (Jiǎntǐ Zhōngwén (Zhōngguó)), +繁體中文 (台灣) (Fántǐ Zhōngwén (Táiwān), and +繁體中文 (香港) (Fàahntái Jūngmàhn (Hēunggóng))

Please note Pink Love Potion is translated as either Pink Lucky Potion or Pink Potion of Lucky. Also the words lucky and block are not translated on purpose.