Lightning staff [Datapack] will start downloading in 5 seconds...


This datapack adds a powerful lightning staff into the game. Right click to use the lightning ability or use it like a sword.


How to install:


1. extract the downloaded file

2. paste the "Lightning staff" folder into .minecraft > saves > your_save > datapacks

3. paste the "Lightning staff resource pack" into your resourcepack folder (found in .minecraft > resourcepacks) and enable it

4. done!


To get the staff, run this command: /function staff:give_staff


if your game is already open, do /reload to register the datapack and you're all set


the staff targets all mobs and players (except the caster). To change what the staff can strike, go to: Lightning staff > data > staff > tags > entity_types and open "lightning_targets.json" with your text editor. You can edit any value to allow or disallow the staff to strike specific entities.

(don't forget to /reload after you save the changes)


feedback is welcome