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Almost a decade has passed since I started playing Minecraft and it felt like after a time that I don't want to keep farming anymore which is funny because I'm studying to become an agricultural engineer, then plant doctor (botanist?) and finally get a pHD. So I thought why not speed up the whole method of growing plants/food/flora? With this data pack farming is completely reworked. You don't really need extensive farms to get the stuff you want. You could of course always use bone meal to hasten up the process but first you need to use your hoe, place it down, use the bone meal and harvest it. What if you could skip the whole process and get into mass producing crops? Well, you can now.

What is the green revolution?

The Green Revolution, or the Third Agricultural Revolution (after the Neolithic Revolution and the British Agricultural Revolution), is the set of research technology transfer initiatives occurring between 1950 and the late 1960s, that increased agricultural production in parts of the world, beginning most markedly in the late 1960s.

Who's Normal Borlaug?

Norman Ernest Borlaug (1914 – 2009) was an American agronomist who led initiatives worldwide that contributed to the extensive increases in agricultural production termed the Green Revolution. Borlaug was awarded multiple honors for his work, including the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal. Borlaug is featured on the data pack's cover image as a tribute to his work.




  1. This data pack adds several recipes to the game mostly themed agriculture and aimed at the game's local flora
  2. About 130 recipes added that aim food and crop production based mostly with bone meal
  3. You can now revitalize dead corals and their variations too
  4. You can now craft LIGHT block. It's an extremely useful tool for users who're planning underground plant facilities in the traditional way.
  5. You can craft a few previously un-craftable or/and silk touch needed items/block such as:
  • Mycelium
  • Podzol
  • Grass block
  • Warped nylium
  • Crimson nylium


-->Recipes (CLICK ME!)<--


And much more!
All recipes are included within the data pack's zip file!