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Garden Cloche Mystical Agriculture Datapack

Garden Cloche Mystical Agriculture datapack for mod Immersive engineering and Mystical Agriculture can corp seed

- added corp in Garden Cloche is 86 seed

- Worked on Version 1.16+ ( 1.16 up to Lasted version )
   **if below version 1.16 I'm not sure**

3.0.0 Update !!!

- Added Prosperity

- Added Soulium
>>> Added 5 seeds support for mods Botany pots

[ 1. Draconium ]
[ 2. Awakened Draconium ]
[ 3. Prosperity ]
[ 4. Sapphire ]
[ 5. Soulium ]

4.0.0 Update !!!

- Seedless
- Added 1 amount output

4.1.0 Update !!!

- added seed fluix
- added seed hop graphite
- added seed ruby
- added seed curtus quartz
- added seed sky stone
- added seed apatite
- added seed amethyst
- added seed deepslate

- Full support 1.18+

Requested Mod
• Mystical Agriculture
• Immersive engineering


Can Support Add-ons Mods
• Mystical 
• Botany pots

How to Installation
To install this datapack it is necessary to enter the folder of the world where you are going to play, inside the folder of the world where you have the files, look for the datapack folder, inside that folder place the compressed file, do not unzip the file. If you have the world open that you are going to play with this datapack, it is necessary to close and open it again and the recipes will be working.