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Fire Lucky Block


Fire Lucky Block


Fire Lucky Block




1.16-1.18.x for Fabric/Forge* (Download)

1.8 for Forge** (Download)

*1.18 versions require Lucky Block Mod 1.18.2-13.1 or higher to load everything properly

**1.8 versions may also require Loot++ and Potion Core for a full fledged experience



 This lucky block just came from the nether and features lots of new hot items

 and brings everything the 1.16 Nether Update into your lucky blocks.

It has 200+ drops and (100+ new items in 1.8 Loot++) and is very balanced.


Unlike the original lucky block, this only spawns in the nether.

To craft this block, you need 4 gold ingot, blaze powders and the original lucky block.




Fire Lucky Block Recipe 





What to except from Fire Lucky Block?

- Find blaze and ghast gear and turn into them.

- Fire lucky weapons that will burn your surroundings.

- Friendly Fire and hot fuel

- Lingering Potion that have an area of effect.

- Try out the new netherite gear!

- Firewalls, Lava Traps and Explosions

- Meeting the Piglins!

- Become rich in gold

- Encounter new strong mobs

- Nether Fortresses

- and much more...


If you liked the 1.16+ nether update, then this lucky block is definitely worth checking out.


Now you're playing with fire!


Fire Lucky Block