Example - Item In Inventory

282 Downloads Last Updated: May 1, 2016 Game Version: 1.9

This is a Progression Template and will only work in versions 0.5+


Template Type: Criteria
This is a simple criteria example for how to use the in inventory check. The task is a simple one, kill any mob called Girafi with 4 carrots in your main hand, On Completion, you'll lose those four carrots and gain a golden carrot.


Loading Templates

To start off testing this you will need to place this tab/criteria in the correct folder in your configuration folder. This will either be progression/templates/tab or progression/templates/criteria


If neither of these folders is created yet, you may need to create it yourself. Once in game, you can load criteria or tabs using a similiar method. If you are loading a criteria you will need to shift click the new button while in edit mode which will open up a menu, for you to select your criteria from. To load a tab simply alt click instead.


Once you have clicked this button, a menu with icons will appear, hovering over these icons will reveal the template name. You can then simply click on them to insert the template, if it's a tab it will be created, if it's criteria it will be added to your currently opened tab. Note: If you already have a tab or criteria with an existing id (aka the same) it will not be loaded



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