Example - Custom Shop

428 Downloads Last Updated: May 1, 2016 Game Version: 1.9

This is a Progression Template and will only work in versions 0.5+


Template Type: Tab
This is a simple shop system, using some basic logic in conjunction with some enchiridion features. The basic idea is that you have a hidden tab with some logic, that when you kill animals you get 1 gold point, if you kill monsters you get 10 and if you kill a boss mob you get 100. You can see how much gold you have in an enchiridion book. From this book you can then purchase iron swords for 20 gold and enchanted books for 50.

 Shop Front


Shop Logic


Loading Templates
Note this example also has enchiridion template files, so you will need to load those in too

To start off testing this you will need to place this tab/criteria in the correct folder in your configuration folder. This will either be progression/templates/tab or progression/templates/criteria


If neither of these folders is created yet, you may need to create it yourself. Once in game, you can load criteria or tabs using a similiar method. If you are loading a criteria you will need to shift click the new button while in edit mode which will open up a menu, for you to select your criteria from. To load a tab simply alt click instead.


Once you have clicked this button, a menu with icons will appear, hovering over these icons will reveal the template name. You can then simply click on them to insert the template, if it's a tab it will be created, if it's criteria it will be added to your currently opened tab. Note: If you already have a tab or criteria with an existing id (aka the same) it will not be loaded



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