Dinos & Dodos [Datapack]

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About Dinos & Dodos

  Dinos & Dodos (Often referred to as DnD) is a datapack for Minecraft 1.14+ that adds extinct and prehistoric flora and fauna into the vanilla game. This flora and fauna can be revived through the use of genetics. Dinos & Dodos just uses 1 resource pack and a datapack.


  Currently, DnD is in a transitional phase from 1.13 to 1.14. During this phase, the entire datapack is being updated and changed in every possible way, from how you find fossils to how you build your park. With this phase lots of Betas will be released, if you want to keep up-to-date with the betas and progress being made on this transition you can join the discord here.




Q & A

Q: Any forms of media that I can follow the datapack on?

A: Dnd has a discord that you can find here, anytime there is an update to the project we will notify you on the discord, along with that we release lots of previews on the discord!



Q: How do I install it?

A: At the top of this page is a download button, just click it and a .zip folder should be downloaded unzipping it and opening it, you should find that it will have a file in it called README.txt, just read it, it has all the instructions to install the datapack!


Q: If I want to donate where should I go?

A: I don't know why you want to donate, but I have a patreon you can look at!


Q: Is it multiplayer compatible?
A: Full Release version 1.0.0 an beyond are all multiplayer compatible.





- DnD Developers

  • Ragnorak                   (Ragnorak)                   [Lead Developer]
  • Mr. Birdasaur             (mr_balderdash)           [Sound Artist, Lead Manager]
  • iNkoR_the_2nd         (inkorthe2nd)                 [Artist]
  • TheNuclearNexus     (the_nuclear_nexus)     [Coder]
  • JordenEatsCereals   (GoldenHero9555)        [Coder, Artist]
    • Sebsa                        (Seba244c)                   [Coder]


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